Friday, March 28, 2014

2. Mobile Device Tips

     I have owned an Ipad2 for approximately 3 years and have used it for a number of tasks.  Besides personal use, the AR app gets a work out in school when kids need to test and the computers are full.  I like the news and weather apps to keep up to date.  I also use apps for games, particularly vocabulary and number games.

     After viewing some of the videos in the playlist, I was very glad to have this information.  I immediately put to use double clicking the home button to access popular screens.  Then I learned to swipe unused screens up to close them.  Whoot!  when one learns something that has an immediate practical use, one feels so good.

     It would have been nice to view the videos in their entirety.  However, bandwidth at home is low and the videos will not load properly.  It was increasingly hard and very frustrating to view them.  I do not want to work on this at school since I am supposed to be working and there is no time.

     My next two tasks are 1) to figure out a way to accomplish these internet based tasks with low bandwidth and 2) to share this video series with my staff.  I suspect I will be sharing most of these items with staff.

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